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APM is a mergers and acquisitions advisor specialised in the software, consulting, IT services and digital industry.

This technology specialisation is what makes APM unique, giving it a distinct advantage and ensuring its success.

With a track record of more than 130 successful transactions, APM is one Europe’s main independent M&A firms.

Shareholders and managers know that being able to talk to a knowledgeable consultant about their business saves them a great deal of time and is a source of productive exchanges leading to innovative ideas and efficient processes.

Selling a consulting or software company is a complex and multi-layered process. APM aims to optimise sales terms for its clients, whether they are entrepreneurs or investors.

We ensure optimum rollout of the process, causing as little disruption as possible with a limited number of specifically targeted strategic buyers.

Our team of experts is committed to creating a consistently international market when the target is suitable, due to comprehensive knowledge of its ecosystem and preferential access to decision-makers worldwide to secure the best possible transaction in terms of price, payment and guarantee.

Our experience in negotiations and our industry expertise enable us to provide our clients with all the assistance and analyses they need during the negotiation phases.

APM works in close cooperation with its clients to help them determine their development strategy. We endeavour to identify opportunities that are truly in line with this strategy.

In fact, our industry expertise ensures we specifically target the companies that meet expectations in France, Benelux and the UK. Our comprehensive knowledge of your industry combined with a subtle approach ensures that your acquisitions are carried out efficiently.

We make a financial assessment and a SWOT analysis for each company targeted and assist our clients with coordinating the various steps and people involved, until the transaction or transactions are complete.

When reclassifying a shareholder's shares or smoothly preparing for the transfer of your business (LBO/OBO), or even when financing an acquisition, your company may need a financial partner.

Through its comprehensive knowledge of equity financing, the specialised investment funds in your industry, their expectations and operating method, APM can professionally advise you on structuring the planned transaction, preparing documentation (business plans), selecting the most suitable investment funds and banks as well as providing support during meetings with investors and negotiations in order to optimise the terms of the transaction.


APM partners have many years’ experience in your areas of expertise.

With their advanced finance skills, they will work to resolve any shareholding issues you may have.

They rely on their networks and industry expertise to help and advise you on your strategy.

APM's qualified and experienced team works closely with clients and stands ready to perform its assignments with the highest level of commitment, efficiency and confidentiality.

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Every year for 19 years, APM has reported and provided an in-depth analysis of acquisitions in the software and IT consulting market in France.

The purpose of this annual "barometer", which gives a realistic portrayal of the vitality of the industry, is to show fundamental trends, analyse them and draw up short-term prospects for market players.


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